IHC magazine with Raka Roy on DIFC’s latest Data Protection Amendment

Following her participation in IHCC, our Partner Raka Roy spoke to <span “text-decoration: underline;”>IHC magazine (P26-27) about DIFC’s latest Data Protection Amendment on Balancing Innovation and Privacy.

The amendment was released back in September, focusing on transparency, accountability, and ethical practices while handling personal data, aligning it with international data protection standards.

The key aspects of the amendment included, prompt reporting of personal data breaches, responsible data management, ethical use of AI and autonomous systems and more.

Raka Roy is a Partner and the Head of Intellectual Property and Data Protection at Galadari. She has almost two-decades of Middle East experience specialising in Commercial, Employment, Data Protection, and Intellectual Property. Raka has extensive experience advising both regional and international clients on a broad spectrum of Data Protection related matters including data privacy compliance, data breach responses, data protection impact assessments, and international data protection regulations.

<span “font-size: 14pt; font-family: helvetica, arial, sans-serif; color: #d99b4b;”>For more information on Data Protection, please contact Raka on:

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