Khaleej Times Quotes Senior Advocate Mohammad Abdul Rahman on Renting in Dubai

Senior Advocate Mohammad Abdul Rahman Abdulwahed recently spoke to <a “color: #221551;” href=””>Khaleej Times on the topic of renting in Dubai and the reasons landlords can legally evict tenants before the expiry of their lease.

Mohammad joined Galadari in 2011 as a local advocate and has full rights of audience before all UAE Courts. His focus includes labour cases, civil and commercial disputes, and rental conflicts.

As an Emirati lawyer, Mohammad acts as the firm’s representative, overseeing cases across different Emirates, committees, and the Rental Disputes Centre. With full rights of audience, he is responsible for reporting criminal complaints at police stations and attending prosecution interrogations. Additionally, he has extensive expertise in Sharia matters.

Mohammad has many well-known clients, representing their family businesses and personal wealth matters. He graduated from Dubai Police Academy in 2004.

For more information on UAE Rental Laws, please contact Mohammad Abdul Rahman.

Mohammad Abdul Rahman Abdulwahed
Senior Advocate