Navigating Dubai's Rental Market: Insights from Galadari

Navigating Dubai’s Rental Market: Insights from Galadari

As Dubai’s rental market sees a surge in prices and activity, concerns have been raised by tenants facing illegal evictions and steep rent hikes. In an article published by Khaleej Times titled “Dubai: Illegal evictions amid rent hikes spark concern among residents,” two leading lawyers from Galadari Advocates & Legal Consultants offered their expertise on the matter.

Senior Counsel Taha Ramadan and Advocate Essa Ziad Galadari of Galadari Advocates & Legal Consultants were recently quoted in the Khaleej Times article. According to Essa Ziad Galadari, “A case can be filed before the Rental Disputes Settlement Centre, and it should specify all relevant details regarding the tenancy contract, notice period, rent increases, etc.”

Taha Ramadan, a Senior Counsel at the firm, notes that in cases of eviction with an intent to sell the property, ” In such cases, the landlord must not rent out the leased property until at least two years have passed for residential real estate and three years for commercial real estate from the date of reclaiming the property.”

The insights from Taha Ramadan and Essa Ziad Galadari highlight the importance of tenants being aware of their rights and the legal recourse available to them in cases of illegal evictions or unjustified rent hikes. As Dubai’s property market continues to thrive, such guidance from legal experts remains crucial for protecting the interests of residents.

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