UAE Data Protection Law 2021 update

Is your company compliant?

The UAE has introduced regulations in the DIFC and the ADGM in recent months and companies are now expected to be compliant with these new rules. The DIFC regulations have been enforced since 1st October 2020 and the ADGM has notified companies in February 2021 that these rules are active.

WDigital and Galadari recently provided some key insights into the recent DP Law update in the UAE, their implications, the risks associated with data breach, and the practical steps that your businesses can undertake to ensure that you are ready for inspection.

You can download the presentation here 

Key takeaways

  • Regulations are now enforced in the DIFC and the ADGM, with an expectation for companies to meet compliance requirements
  • Data Protection remains a complex topic and we can expect further regulatory updates addressing local and sector-specific challenges in the future
  • Data protection affects all departments and formal project management is required to achieve compliance
  • Overall, we have noticed data protection compliance projects were still at early stages when speaking to businesses in the UAE

How can we help

  • Educate and build awareness
  • Assess maturity level against DP law
  • Create a roadmap to achieve compliance

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