Senior Counsel Hassan Tawakalna was recently quoted by Khaleej Times about the new Consumer Protection Law.

The consumer protection landscape in the UAE has undergone significant changes with recent reforms. The new Consumer Protection Law has introduced a range of measures and mechanisms addressing the gaps to regulate the relationship between consumers and providers, dedicated to safeguarding the interests of both.

Senior Counsel Hassan Tawakalna corresponded with <span “text-decoration: underline; color: #d99b4b;”>Khaleej Times, sharing his insights on long-awaited executive regulations that became effective in October 2023.

Hassan Tawakalna is one of the firm’s most experienced lawyers focusing on civil disputes, commercial and arbitration matters. With over three-decade experience Hassan provides training to local and expat lawyers.

Hassan would like to thank Ismail Ezzat for co-authoring the insight.
For more information on consumer protection in the UAE, please contactHassan Tawakalna.

Hassan Tawakalna
Senior Counsel