Financial crime and investigations

Financial crime and investigations

In an inter-connected world, the notion of white-collar crime and fraud has become an unfortunate reality for many, with organisations suffering loses as a consequence of limited controls in place. Our team of fraud and criminal law experts work with our clients to resolve complex and often distressing white-collar crimes, whilst being sensitive to the corporate culture and external brand reputation impact.

Fraud can affect anyone at any time, we therefore work with our clients and regulatory bodies to develop and implement best practice methodologies which safeguard the organisation from acts of crime and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Our team, with the support of our advocates, assist our clients with sensitive financial crime investigations which may involve their employees or partners. These investigations typically feature tax evasion, healthcare fraud and corruption.

Our local advocates provide assistance in the UAE Criminal Court, and our lawyers advise on the most effective approach for clients who are victims of white-collar crimes. As a leading local law firm, we have extensive experience in dealing with such matters with the local police, public prosecution and criminal courts and can ensure our clients receive the most effective outcome.

Our clients represent a wide-range of sectors including government and semi-government owned entities, banking and financial institutions, local and international organisations and high-net worth individuals. We provide clients with experienced local and international lawyers who have worked in civil and common law jurisdictions.

Our team provide a comprehensive range of solutions which include:
  • White-collar crime
  • Investigations
  • Fraud
  • Dispute resolution