Galadari Hosts Exclusive Dinner for India's Attorney General and Solicitor General, Fostering UAE-India Collaboration

Galadari Hosts Exclusive Dinner for India’s Attorney General and Solicitor General, Fostering UAE-India Collaboration

The event highlighted a remarkable occasion for Galadari, as the firm welcomed India’s esteemed Attorney General and Solicitor General. This exclusive dinner served as a platform for meaningful discussions on enhancing UAE-India collaboration.

Held on 26 May 2024, the gathering took place in Jumeirah 1, Dubai. With the attendance of Galadari’s Senior Partner, Abdulla Ziad Galadari, Partner Manish Narayan, and Senior Associate Leopold Jose. They engaged in insightful conversations with India’s Attorney General, Shri R. Venkataramani, and Solicitor General, Shri Tushar Mehta.

The primary focus was exploring avenues to strengthen UAE-India ties. The discussions centered on promoting mutual growth and fostering cooperation between the nations. This aligns with Galadari’s vision of facilitating dialogue, driving progress, and unlocking shared benefits.

“Hosting such eminent guests was an honor,” stated Abdulla Ziad Galadari. “Meaningful conversations about UAE-India relations’ future are crucial. We aim to play a key role in bolstering this alliance, propelling development for both countries.”

The dinner marked a significant milestone in Galadari’s efforts. As a leading UAE law firm, it prioritizes promoting bilateral understanding and cooperation. Facilitating dialogue between businesses, governments, and individuals aligns with the firm’s mission. This event exemplified the firm’s dedication to nurturing UAE-India ties.