Strongly committed to the highest ESG standards

Our ESG engagement

Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) programme for a better future

It is at the heart of Galadari’s ambition to play an active role in the UAE’s economy and society. We believe in adopting and promoting responsible work ethos through making conscious decisions when conducting business. Delivering our services in a responsible manner to limit the impact of climate change and social inequalities is our engagement and we aim at pro-actively playing a positive role in our society, raising awareness of environmental risks, and influence towards best practice.

Our programme spans five initiatives:

Environment Encouraging best practices in limiting our impact on the environment through recycling, limiting our printing consumption, recycling, etc.

Galadari supports the Greener Arbitration initiative, which is a group of arbitration practitioners committed to achieving sustainable change in the way in which arbitrations are managed. The initiative promotes awareness of the environmental impact of arbitrations and produces best practice guides to the ways in which practitioners can act to minimise the carbon footprint of their practice.

Offices paperless strategy: in 2021, we reviewed and launched new digitalization internal processes that no longer require printed documents.

In 2022, we are partnering with specialised companies to recycle up to 95% of our waste safely and sustainably.

We aim at launching further projects throughout the year.

Wellness Through the workplace, promoting physical activities, choices and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health – body & mind.

In 2021, we launched the Health Awareness Series in partnership with Daman Insurance and the Dubai Health Authority: a series of informative sessions on illness prevention and promoting better lifestyle habits for a longer and happier life.

Our internal sports series, the Galadarian League, was launched over the summer of 2021.

In 2022, we are launching an employee wellness program as an important step in promoting healthy body and mind practices for our employees.

Social & Philanthropy We also support local charities and community programs that have an impact on society and are aligned with our values.

We currently support NGO’s focused on city development, access to education and providing assistance to families affected by children’s illnesses, in the UAE and across the world.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion We work towards a diverse and inclusive workplace and offer equal work and development opportunities to all.

Supporting Equal representation in arbitration: Galadari has signed a pledge in August to support Equal representation in arbitration, which is a group of counsels, arbitrators, representatives of corporates, states, arbitral institutions, academics and others involved in the practice of international arbitration, committed to improving the profile and representation of women in arbitration.

In 2021, we launched the “Committed to doing better” programme, aiming at eliminating gender inequalities within the workplace.

Emiratisation:As part of our commitment to Emiratisation, the firm provides internships and training contracts for young Emirati law students and new graduates. This aids them in gaining valuable on-the-job experience by shadowing an experienced lawyer and fulfilling requirements to qualify with the Ministry of Justice and obtain a federal lawyer’s license. As a result of this effort over 30 Emirati lawyers have opened their own offices and now provide ongoing impact to the country.

We believe in offering equal chances to individuals from all genders, ethnicities and backgrounds to move towards a more inclusive workplace. In 2021, in partnership with international pharmaceutical leader AbbVie, we completed our first mentorship programme where we accepted applications from young lawyers based in the UAE and from all backgrounds.

Pro-bono Continue to support those who don’t have access or cannot afford legal representation and are aligned with our firm’s values and social commitments.

We currently provide over 500 hours of pro-bono work per year.

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Our recent ESG event

Welcoming a sustainable future

We discussed how social and environmental considerations have found their place in the country’s development agenda and serve corporates in the global and regional economical context.

The event was led by our senior partner Abdulla Galadari along with the UAE leaders in charge of building a sustainable future and Galadari for an intimate event with high-profile panellists such as: Fatima Alnaqbi, Head of Strategy and Future Department, Ministry of Finance; Shady Elborno, Head of Macro Strategy, Emirates NBD; Peter Smith, Managing Director and Head of Strategy, DFSA; and Sara Ahmed Alliusie Alhilali, Project Manager, Tourism Development and Investment (DTCM).

This exclusive networking event is our opportunity to share ideas and experience with government officials in charge of the UAE’s sustainability agenda and senior industry representatives.

Read the article on Khaleej Times via this link.






Sustainability Goals 2024

In 2024 Galadari has embarked on its Sustainability Journey. In order to make sure we are creating meaningful impact within our community; we have decided to ask
our clients what their focus is, when it comes to sustainability.
We have recently launched a materiality assessment and will be happy to share the results once it is concluded. Using those results we will create goals
which are:

A. Measurable
B. Aligned with UN SDGs
C. Supportive of our client’s ESG Goals


To check our progress, get in touch with our Sustainability Officer Yuliya Dumanetskaya at