Establishment of the Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Technology Council (AIATC)

In a groundbreaking development, the esteemed President of the UAE, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, in his capacity as the Ruler of Abu Dhabi, has enacted a law of considerable significance, giving rise to the Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Technology Council (AIATC).

This council assumes a pivotal role in formulating and executing visionary policies and strategies in research, infrastructure, and investments pertaining to artificial intelligence and advanced technology within the realm of Abu Dhabi.

The newly formed AIATC will be led by His Highness Sheikh Tahnoun bin Zayed Al Nahyan appointed as Chairman and His Highness Sheikh Khaled bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan serving as Vice Chairman. The council further comprises distinguished members, including His Excellency Khaldoon Khalifa Al Mubarak, His Excellency Jassem Mohamed Bu Ataba Al Zaabi, His Excellency Faisal Abdulaziz Al Bannai, and Mr. Peng Xiao.

This strategic initiative aligns with Abu Dhabi’s commitment to positioning itself as a global hub for AI and advanced technology. The AIATC’s mandate extends beyond borders, fostering collaborations with both local and international partners to elevate Abu Dhabi’s standing in these cutting-edge fields. This aligns seamlessly with the emirate’s overarching strategy to emerge as a premier destination for investments, partnerships, and talent within the AI and advanced technology sector.

The establishment of the AIATC underscores a profound belief in the integral role of technological leadership in shaping the economy of the future and set to be a catalyst for continued development and prosperity, steering Abu Dhabi confidently into the post-hydrocarbon era.

The inauguration of the AIATC serves as a testament to the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan and his wise directives, placing top importance on sectors that define the course of the future. Moreover, the enactment of the law establishing the AIATC reflects the Emirate of Abu Dhabi’s commitment to being at the forefront of technological innovation as a foundation for a prosperous and sustainable future.

The enactment of this law by His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, reflects the UAE’s commitment to keeping pace – if not leading – with global trends in innovation and scientific progress. In fact, it is noteworthy to highlight that the promulgation of the AIATC law comes only few months after the Bletchley Declaration signed at the AI Safety Summit on the November 1st, 2023, – to which the UAE along with 27 other major countries had adhered to – and which aimed at coordinating global cooperation on artificial intelligence safety.

While the establishment of the Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Technology Council (AIATC) marks an important step towards technological leadership, the anticipation now turns to the next steps in this transformative journey.

As we acknowledge the significance of this council in driving policies, research, and investments in AI and advanced technology, the effectiveness of its implementation at both the council and governmental levels become paramount.

Observers and stakeholders keenly await the practical implementation of the AIATC’s strategies and programs. The success of this initiative pivots not only on the visionary roadmap crafted but also on the seamless integration of these plans into the broader governmental framework.

What groundbreaking innovations and collaborations will emerge, as the AIATC takes the central role, shaping the technological landscape of the future?

Only time will reveal the magnitude of this transformative endeavour.

The author of this Galadari Alert is Fadi Hassoun & Nancy Hamad.

Fadi is a partner with Galadari Advocates & Legal Consultants, managing the Abu Dhabi office. He is a qualified lawyer with over 20 years of work experience in Lebanon and the UAE. Fadi specialises in corporate and commercial matters, litigation and dispute resolution with a focus on the practice areas of real estate, employment & labour, financial crime and criminal law, in the UAE and throughout the GCC region. He was formerly the head of the Abu Dhabi office of a prominent local law firm in the UAE.

Fadi would like to thank Nancy for co-authoring this alert.

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