Galadari and OneTrust Collaborate on UAE Employment Law Guidance

Galadari and OneTrust Collaborate on UAE Employment Law Guidance

In late April 2024, Galadari Advocates & Legal Consultants had partnered with OneTrust, a leading privacy, security, and governance platform serving over 10,000 clients globally, to develop a guidance note providing insights into UAE employment laws and regulations in alignment with privacy and data protection laws . The note was prepared by Galadari’s Partner and head of Data protection, Raka Roy.

The guidance covers key areas such as recruitment, employment records, data transfers, teleworking rules, and compliance obligations. It aims to help organizations operating in the UAE navigate the country’s legal requirements around labour practices.

“We’re pleased to offer this guidance in collaboration with OneTrust,” said Raka Roy. “It will allow businesses to better understand and adhere to Data protection laws in alignment with UAE employment laws.”

The note details regulations on employee data handling, background checks, work references, and record retention. It also explores data transfer rules, including provisions for sensitive information and notification requirements.

The guidance note is now available to OneTrust clients operating in the UAE market.

You can access the note by clicking on the following link:

UAE Federal – Employment | Guidance Note | DataGuidance