Galadari Partner Charbel Fadel Discusses Dubai's Innovative New Digital Platform

Galadari Partner Charbel Fadel Discusses Dubai’s Innovative New Digital Platform

In a recent podcast, Galadari’s Partner Charbel Fadel provided insightful analysis on Dubai’s groundbreaking new unified digital platform “Invest in Dubai” for establishing companies in the Emirate.

The platform, established by Decree No. 13 of 2024, aims to streamline the process for investors to apply for, issue, renew, cancel, and amend business licenses and approvals across Dubai and its free zones. By creating a single online channel, it will enhance coordination between licensing authorities and provide value-added services tailored to investor needs.

Fadel highlighted how the platform reflects Dubai’s commitment to boosting economic growth and improving the investor experience. Key aspects include an e-guide on licensing procedures, cooperation requirements for government entities, and Dubai’s Department of Tourism overseeing platform development and management.

This pioneering initiative marks a major step in fostering an investor-friendly business environment aligned with Dubai’s vision for economic development and diversification.

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