Al Arabiya Interview: Bassem Daher Discusses Family Wealth Structuring

Family Wealth Structuring plays a key role in establishing harmonious and organized relationships among family members. It involves defining and allocating rights, powers, obligations, and succession arrangements, while employing a variety of legal structures such as corporate and family governance, trusts, foundations, ‘friends and family funds’, and other vehicles to appropriately manage and distribute assets to prevent potential conflicts.

Bassem Daher, Corporate Commercial Partner at Galadari, has recently been interviewed by Al Arabiya to discuss the topic of Family Wealth Structuring.

Bassem has over 15 years’ experience working with high-net-worth individuals and investors across the UAE, Europe, and America. For more information on Estate Planning or Wealth Management, Bassem and his team are available to answer any queries.

Bassem Daher