Know Your Rights: A Roadmap to Rental Disputes in Dubai

Know Your Rights: A Roadmap to Rental Disputes in Dubai

In Dubai, rental disputes between landlords and tenants are governed by specific regulations and laws. Some key points to consider include:

  • Landlords in Dubai have the authority to increase rental rates annually but must remain compliant to the Dubai Land Department’s Rental Increase Calculator.
  • If tenants receive communication regarding contract change outside the 90-day window, they can dispute rent increases. In the event the owner refuses to reconsider, tenants have the option to file a case at the Rental Disputes Settlement Committee (RDSC) in Dubai.
  • If tenants are not satisfied with the terms outlined in the tenancy agreement, they can mutually agree to terminate the contract and relocate to another property. They should receive the remainder of their rental money and deposit before moving.
  • The Rental Dispute Centre (RDC) in Dubai is responsible for the resolution of disputes between landlords and tenants. If tenants have a rental dispute with their landlord, they can lodge a complaint with the RDC.
  • The new rental law in Dubai is a set of regulations governing the landlord-tenant relationship. It includes provisions for landlord-initiated contract terminations and other related matters.
  • Landlords in Dubai have the right to request tenants to provide a security deposit at the beginning to the tenancy agreement.
  • Some judges at the RSDC may request a new buyer, who intends to occupy the property, to serve a new 12-month notice because it differs from the previous terms.

It is key for both tenants and landlords to remain updated on any developments to ensure a fair and compliant resolution to rental disputes. For more information on our Rental Disputes Practice. please contact Essa Ziad Galadari. Essa Ziad has full rights of audience across UAE Courts. If you have any queries regarding the above, or the topic of rental disputes more broadly, Essa Ziad is on hand to assist.

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