Construction and Infrastructure

Construction and Infrastructure

Construction disputes are one of our most frequently handled matters, as such the Construction and Infrastructure team at Galadari hold significant multi-jurisdictional commercial and legal expertise. Our experience spans the entire spectrum of the construction industry and covers a wide variety of cross-border projects including public and private, turnkey, design and build, construction, infrastructure, civil works, MEP, concessions and PPP’s.

Our team includes lawyers from both civil law and common law backgrounds and are therefore well-equipped to negotiate the local market. Our litigators and arbitrators excel in recognising the risks and disruption involved with disputes. Our lawyers continuously seek to find innovative ways in order to minimise exposure to such risks for clients. Following successful outcomes, our local advocates have in-depth experience when it comes to enforcement and nullification proceedings before the UAE national courts and our lawyers are highly respected and sought after in this regard.

We have a comprehensive grasp on the industry with our clients appreciating and benefiting from our wide-ranging expertise in the market. We take time to get to know and understand our clients’ needs to then tailor the advice and assistance we provide. Our team offer a holistic approach from drafting and reviewing contracts, reviewing documents, and consultation on complying with local UAE laws, as well as providing representation court or at arbitration hearings. We have many years of experience of representing clients in high-value construction related arbitrations. Jointly our team of lawyers have covered disputes under the rules of all major arbitration institutes including the ICC, DIAC, DIFC-LCIA and ADCCAC. Our local advocates appear before the local courts on behalf of our clients, due to our specific advantage as a local firm. Our lawyers and court clerks attend court daily, meaning our team are always up to date with any changes to the UAE laws and regulations. With the UAE legal environment being so fast paced and ever changing our team consistently keep abreast of the latest development, ensuring our clients always receive the most up to date and best advice possible.

Our Construction & Infrastructure team advise on the best methods of project finance to suit our clients specific project and budgetary requirements. We are extremely knowledgeable on the various project finance methods including, Private Finance Initiative (PFI), and Public Private Partnership (PPP), project-based finance, venture capital, loans, shareholder funds, subsides and self-funding. Forms of security such as bonds and guarantees are imperative to construction projects. Our lawyers advise on the best methods and terms which could be including them in the main contract or as a separate security agreement. Our team are highly experienced at dealing with various types of securities including indemnity, insurance, demand bonds, conditional bonds, collateral contracts and suretyship. If it should happen, we are best placed to advise on breach of contract.

Disputes and claims are particularly common in the UAE construction industry and can be highly expensive and lengthy. Before a claim reaches the litigation stage, our team provide negotiation and mediation to assist in bringing about an amicable settlement between parties, saving our clients time and costs.

Our team advise on both contentious and non-contentious matters on the procurement side and in dispute resolution. We effectively advise our construction clients on the many procurement methods, and the best method for businesses to increase productivity and save costs, with the additional aim of avoiding construction disputes. With many obstacles and risks in the construction industry, it is important that our clients are made aware of these and can put in place full and proper risk management procedures. Our lawyers help our clients to recognise risks to their construction projects such as, delays in project milestones and project completion, increased project costs, reputational damage, insolvency, and our team provide due diligence, contract drafting and review.

Our clients are varied and include leading developers, contractors, utility companies, consultants and suppliers throughout the region and internationally.

Our team provide a comprehensive range of solutions which include:
  • BIM
  • Planning
  • Procurement
  • Project finance
  • Insurance
  • Project Counsel
  • Dispute resolution