Family business, succession planning & private client

Family business, succession planning and private client

Family businesses throughout the UAE are being challenged by the seismic shifts taking place across the Emirates which include digital transformation, e-commerce buying trends, new competition and a changing demographic consumer.

Such challenges are coupled with the ongoing focus of managing and protecting corporate assets and wealth which has been built over decades.

At Galadari, we offer a bespoke legal solution to family businesses who have contributed to the economic and social growth across the UAE. As one of the first local law firms and a leader in the industry, our team are well-known for our expertise in advising the many family businesses which dominate industries throughout the UAE.

We assist family businesses in putting in place wealth management and wealth preservation plans, ensuring contracts and agreements are up to date and legally binding in order to protect family businesses from certain risks.

We provide due diligence to ensure compliance with UAE laws and regulations, reducing any legal risks. Our lawyers are experienced in Sharia Law and can provide assurances that family businesses will be completely Sharia compliant.

Structuring and restructuring advice are provided by our qualified lawyers, who ensure as little disruption to day-to-day business activities as possible. We assist with diversification and management of portfolios across a multitude of industries, allowing family businesses to expand and stay ahead in this ever-changing market.

We have extensive expertise in creating clear pathways to succession, while mitigating any risk or negative impact on the business, which includes any relevant agreements and trust deeds. If matters become contentious, our dispute resolution team is on hand to provide litigation and arbitration assistance.

Our team provide a comprehensive range of solutions which include:
  • Compliance & Regulatory
  • Employment
  • Outsourcing legal affairs
  • Restructuring & corporate governance
  • Family disputes and exits
  • Wealth management
  • M&A
  • Capital markets advisory
  • Tax Succession planning
  • Wills Probate and trust administration