Compliance and Regulatory

Compliance & Regulatory

Utilising our long-standing experience of advising the UAE governments and regulatory authorities on the drafting and implementation of legislation, our regulatory and legislative team bring an unparalleled level of insight and experience. As a leading local law firm, Galadari’s lawyers have been requested by many Government entities to comment on new and reformed legislation for many decades. Our team have advised on and assisted in drafting legislation in many areas of law, including;

We have managed compliance and regulatory matters for banks, financial institutions and other organisations on matters including mergers and acquisitions, sales, banking regulations, securities law compliance, bank and financial holding company matters and general corporate counseling.

Our lawyers work closely with regulators and the National Anti-Money Laundering Committee to ensure our clients are aware of the necessary steps to establish full compliance with the law and Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU).We are regularly instructed on data protection matters, the UAE has no specific data protection law; however businesses and individuals are protected under Federal Law No. 5 of 2012 on Combatting Cyber Crimes. The law protects both data and privacy online. Our lawyers routinely advise new and excising organisations regarding the protection of theirs and their clients or customers data. As with data protection, the UAE has no specific corruption and bribery law, it is however covered under Federal Penal Code legislation. After the economic downtown in 2008, the government took a hard stance on corruption and bribery, post the downturn Galadari have been advising our clients on relevant regulations.

New to the UAE in 2019 was the implementation of Value Added Tax (VAT). Since then, our lawyers have been advising our corporate and commercial clients regarding registering their businesses and on the payment of VAT.

Our team provide a comprehensive range of solutions which include:
  • Tax
  • Data protection
  • Anti-money laundering, corruption and bribery
  • Legislation
  • Litigation